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Dr. Julie Taylor's Background

Jan Richardson guided reading training
Jan Richardson guided reading training
Jan Richardson guided reading training

Dr. Julie Taylor is one of Jan Richardson's premier guided reading consultants, often referred to as "the next best thing to having Jan Richardson herself!" She began working as a guided reading trainer in Pinellas County, FL, where she worked with, and was trained by Jan Richardson over the course of several years. Over the past seven years, Julie has provided guided reading professional development, training, lesson modeling, and coaching to hundreds of teachers, staff, interventionists, coaches, reading specialists, and administrators.


Julie continues to travel throughout the United States and internationally providing Next Step guided reading training. She specializes in a systematic, supportive implementation of Jan's guided reading framework in schools, a scaling-up model for large districts and across state departments of education, a train-the-trainer models for literacy coaches, and aligning Jan's Next Step guided reading with current Science of Reading approaches and literacy programs.

Julie has over 27 years of teaching experience in elementary education, special education, dual language education, and teaching English Language learners. She has previously served as a district staff developer, a Title I Reading Intervention Specialist, and has been a practicum mentor and reading instructor for teachers seeking their reading endorsement. 

In addition, Julie works to create an evidence-based, comprehensive literacy curriculum, including reading and writing workshop, guided reading, Tier 1 curriculum, and Tier 2 & 3 interventions. Julie has a wealth of resources readily available to assist districts with curriculum and instruction, professional development and teacher training, and is always up to date with the latest in literacy research.

Teaching & Education Licensure



Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.):

Curriculum and Instruction Leadership:

Reading, Language, and Literacy

Concordia University, Chicago


Master of Education degree (M.Ed.):

Bilingual Education & Teaching English Learners, Language & Linguistics

Rhode Island College, Providence, R.I.


Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.): Elementary Education

Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.): Spanish

Keene State College, New Hampshire

You can find Julie on Jan Richardson’s website –->

  • Elementary Education, Grades K-5
  • Reading, Grades K-12
  • Special Education, Grades K-12
  • Teaching English Language Learners (ESL), Grades K-12
  • Educational Leadership & Administration
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